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Understanding The Tennis Basics: The Masters 1000 Events

While the four ‘Major’ Grand Slam tournaments punctuate the tennis calendar as the most prestigious tournaments, the vast majority of a professional players’ schedule is taken up by slightly lesser-known tournaments: the Masters 1000 events.  Men and women both player Masters events, though not always at the same venue at the same tournament (for example, the men play the Rome Masters around March, while the women play in May). To win a Masters event is to earn 1,000 points towards the world ranking of a player, almost […]

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Tennis Surfaces Explained, Part 3: Hard Court

While the best known tennis surface is undoubtedly grass, the majority of the tennis professional season is not played on that surface. Here, we look into the finer details of the most predominant surface on the professional tour: hard court. Despite the name, hard courts are not the hardest courts on the tennis tour. That honor goes to clay, where the ball bounces high and slow as a result. Hard courts are, in fact, more of a middle ground between the two ‘natural’ surfaces of clay and […]

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Tennis Surfaces Explained, Part 2: Clay

Anyone aspiring to be a professional tennis player will usually play on a variety of different surfaces. Here, we examine arguably the most difficult surface to play on: clay. In professional tennis, there are actually two forms of clay court used. The first, red clay, is the primary surface seen in the major tennis events in Europe. The second, green clay, is predominantly featured in Northern American tournaments. The two types of clay, however, differ little aside from their color, and feel fairly similar to play on. […]

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